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The Huju Family Association

The Huju Family is originally from Kiikka, Teukkula village in Western Finland; Satakunta county. The first known ancestor was Antti Anttiís son (born 1691) and his wife Valpuri Heikkiís daughter (burn 1682). (Officially in the documents names are in Swedish: Anders Andersson and Walborg Henricksdotter. In those days Finland was part of Sweden and all documents were written in Swedish. From 1809 to 1917 Finland was part of Russian, but also on those days the documents are in Swedish. Finnish language differs very much from Swedish and Russian; much more than e.g. English differs from French.)

A registered association for the Huju family was founded in 1985 (registered in 1986) in Kelho manor in Lempäälä, Finland. More than 200 family members were present in the meeting, when the association was founded.

The purpose of the association is to study, collect, file and publish material concerning the family and its history and to maintain the old family traditions and to make them known among the family.

More than 200 family members (not necessarily family association members) are living in USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Originally the Huju Family Association covered Kristian Absalom Hujuís (b. 1844) and Karoliina Hulttinenís (b. 1856) descendants. Later the coverage is expanded to cover one generation more from Kristianin Huju (b. 1820) and Anna-Liisa Reinilä (b. 1819) and their descendants.

The annual member fee in the Huju Family Association is 10.00 Euros. Children under 18 are members without fee, if at least one of the parents is a member.

The association has its annual meetings every summer somewhere in Finland. The members are invited by an invitation letter.

Association made a trip to Minnesota (USA) 1989 to celebrate Victor Hujuís 96th birthday. 48 association members from Finland participated the family trip and had one week unforgettable visit to the Victor and Nicolai Hujuís and their familiesí living area. A couple of years later the association made another nice trip to Australia.

Another, forever-remembered trip to Minnesota (USA) was made on August 2010 to meet far-living relatives and see their living area. 15 members participated the wonderfull trip. Additionally we visited New York and Las Vegas / Grand Canyon.

On summer 2012 three Huju people from America visited Finland. They visited Eastern and Western Finland. On summer 2016 eight Huju people visited Finland - mostly on Western Finland.

On summer 2015 eight Huju people visited Australia and met Pirjo and Rod Burns in area close to Brisbane. The group visited aswell Beijing in China, Sydney in Australia and Singapore.

If You want more information about the Huju Family or the Huju Family Association, please contact the secretary: Tapio Paavonen

email: tapio.paavonen (at)